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See Exactly What Your PC is Up To With Glint –Free Software

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This handy little program is great for seeing exactly what’s going on inside your Personal Computer and observing performance-data in real-time. Whether you’re diagnosing a performance issue in an existing system, analysing the performance of a new build, or just keeping a general eye on what’s going on; Glint System Monitor will let you know, for no cost. – That’s right: you’d think something like this would cost at least £9.95, (I’m probably giving the writers ideas. – Sad smile) but this baby’s still free at time of writing.

This app is fully-configurable: You can add or remove modules from the display, have it display lights, bars, or graphs, have it always on top, show tool-tips, labels, etc. The default program window alone displays 26 different values like CPU Processor Time, Disk Read and Write Bytes and Memory Bytes available. Previous versions of this app work in all versions of Windows from Windows NT4 right up to Windows 7 – and it even works in the 64-bit versions (where available) too. The latest 2010 revision works with XP onwards; 32 and 64-bit!

You can run this program as an installed-app if you like: Have it in your startup folder, or in Program Files (x86) and place a shortcut to it on the desktop to activate it when you want to run it. OR you can run it by downloading it without installing it – which is great if you only want to use it once; to check the performance of a new-build perhaps.


Here’s Glint monitoring some processes on my desktop computer running Windows 7 64-bit on a 3-core AMD Phenom with 8 Gigs of RAM installed.

Glint is aimed at experienced geeks; but even if you’re not a geek and just want a few more flashing lights on your screen for show – I guess this is the program for you. Smile

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