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Sharron-Idol is excited to have released her initial album *On With the Show: The Album*. Check out the widget below, left, and grab some of her amazing tracks for yourself why not?

Sharron-Idol: On With the Show: The Album



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The Exposure Pitfall

Artists need exposure, to get their name and brand out there. "Vultures" are always ready to make a quick buck out of your situation. 'Business acumen required. Continue reading


When In Rome, Do Like The Romans Do

We can all learn valuable lessons from studying those who have done it all before us, particularly in the music business. Continue reading


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Idol Was On Telly –> 11th April

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There really is no rush: 'Ever heard the expression "more haste, less speed"? Rushing can cause errors and/or corner-cutting. Take your time over your career. Continue reading


Lots of File Formats Can Provide More Opportunity

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You Tube Can Go Swivel!

You tube are annoying me unnecessarily: That's not a good thing to do to the Idol if you want me to use your services! Continue reading


A Little About My Coming Album–*I’m A Person, Not A Genre’*

What has 13 tracks (12+1 bonus), great sound, and no specific genre'? Answer: Sharron-Idols' coming album: Read on and find out more... Continue reading


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The Latest Post in More Detail: -

The Exposure Pitfall

I think it’s probably safe to say that you’ve heard about my early to mid-summer releases: The EP and the album. Just in case you didn’t however; you can always check out this page for some detail on these.

StudioIdolAs an indie artist I want to get maximum exposure on these releases, so that everyone knows about them and gets the chance to see if they like them and/or download them. There are literally hundreds od sites I could upload these tracks to for limited exposure from each. – But many of these sites make the artist enter into a contract in which the publishers have total control over the posting and administration of the tracks –> without financial reward of any kind in many cases: So what do I, as an artist, get from this? In short; limited exposure to the clientele of each site I sign up to, and loss of control over my music and any financial reward gained from it.

Now a lot of my tracks are copyrighted; I mean official music industry mainstream copyright: In theory I should be able to get some payment via my Performing Rights Organisation for their distribution of my performances in such a way.

The problem is that to have these sites distribute my content I would have had to  sign a contract waiving all such rights to any financial rewards. – So when my PRO demand royalty payments the sites wave the contract in their face, raise their middle finger, and say “No way, sorry.”

The upshot of this would be that my PRO are pissed off, the music industry wonders why I even bother with copyrights, and I get a little extra temporary popularity but remain broke.

Idol in the StudioThat leaves me with a dilemma: I have to publicise myself and my music before I can expect any revenue from my work. I have to do so on zero budget initially – or finance any promotional activity from my own purse – without much “help”. The sites that could “help” want free music for their audience to listen to, so that it draws the audience in, gets them hits, improves their SEO ranking, and gets people looking at their affiliate campaigns and buying THEIR merch. – Meaning I get limited extra publicity and remain basically skint, while they get more $$$ at the end of the day.

What do I do? There are 2 avenues open to me: -

1. I employ an agent to do all my promotional work, including editing and distributing short clips of my tracks, updating my various profiles on relevant sites including this blog…

2. I do all my promotional work myself, including editing and distributing short clips of my tracks, updating my various profiles on relevant sites including this blog…

#1 is expensive, and I won’t be able to claim the title of purely indie artist any longer.

#2 is what I do now, and it works to a certain extent. – I haven’t yet made a profit but neither have I made a huge loss. It’s rare for any business to make a profit in its first year these days anyway – and Sharron-Idol; my brand name, hasn’t made a profit in the first year either. My mission is to change that in this, my second year and subsequent years. When I’m making a decent profit I can maybe employ an agent? Until then I’m stuck with doing it all myself for peanuts or at my own expense to some degree.

ani_musical_notesThe music industry is an industry, not a game. Each band or artist is a business. Marketing technique and business acumen are necessary in a musician as much as musical talent and ability are… Unless of course one wants to be playing open-mic nights and busking, with an occasional unpaid pub-gig or charity gig, as a career. That is fine in the case of some musicians. – But I’m not content with that.

The fact is that I can’t do this alone and totally from my own efforts. Maybe I’m going to have to draw up a business-plan and seek a loan / finance of some kind in order to employ an agent/agents to assist in growth of my business. Having done so my ultimate aim at the end of the day is to get signed to a label eventually: That may be months or years in the future though, if at all. – And those months or years will be packed with hard graft.

anigramaphoneI’ll end by repeating a line I tend to use rather a lot: “No-one said this was going to be easy. If anyone told you the music industry is easy they are a liar.”

Having said all the above; I’m always open to a good suggestion or better idea. If anyone has any decent inspiration that they’d like to throw my way I’d certainly be happy to at least listen.

(Yes I used animations in a blog article; which most pro-bloggers advise against. Call me rebellious. Smile )

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Additional Items & Announcements: -

We Need a New World Order: Fact.

  • Politicians and world leaders are corrupt and greedy and have failed us.
  • Religion has constantly failed to deliver and has at best held us back from progress as a Human species.
  • Our technology has advanced fast while our evolutional maturity has lagged behind: We stopped fighting each other in the trees and started warring on the ground; first with stones and clubs, then with swords, spears, and knives, then with bullets and bombs.

There is a better way.

We need to get rid of the current greedy and corrupt world political system who are stopping us from advancing technologically and in evolutionary terms so that they can profit from our loss. We need to meet with the people from other worlds that our leaders prevent us from knowing about and share their superior experience and knowledge.

It’s time that we, the people, became the Illuminati, the chosen ones.


Not long to wait…

The New World Order Shall Rise From The Ashes Of The Old.

Not by death, fire, and destruction; but by growth and enlightenment.

All shall live in prosperity; all existing peacefully.

At one with the sun and in tune with the moon – with full responsibility.

I’m fed up with this negative-smear-campaign on something that, although based upon historical fact, is not much more than yet another conspiracy-theory perpetrated by extremists from a particular organised religion; yes Christianity again, to scare the young, the gullible, the insane, the mentally vulnerable, into its dwindling congregations.

The conspiracy-theory of ‘The Illuminati’: Yes they’re saying that the elite, led by the music industry, are going to bring the world to ruin!

~ What are we going to do? Sing you to death? ~

As usual with this kind of thing it’s based on hate and fear; strong negative emotions that have been fuelled by the media in recent years, primed to be used by radical elements of mind-control.

It’s time to kick out the demons of fear and hatred; it’s time to learn to live again and to love again.

No god or manmade authority is responsible for your actions, your thoughts, your deeds:-

YOU are responsible for your every word, thought, and action; responsible to yourself and your fellow Humans.

YOU are responsible for YOU: You owe it to yourself and to Humanity to exercise that responsibility in all things.

I’m FED UP with negativity: It’s in the papers, on the television. – Death, destruction, fear, depravation, wars… It’s all some people ever talk about; maybe all they ever think about. It causes distrust and hate, violence, and it enslaves you. – It eats you up from inside and turns your heart cold as ice.

…So here is something positive: I’m giving the Illuminati publicity; because I love the New World Order. You’ve just read about the old world with its negativity, fear, hatred, oppression, injustice. Is that what you want? NO!

Is that what you want your children to inherit? NO!

The world is already being brought to ruin by conspiracy theorists touting their negativity and inciting hatred. – ‘Same goes for organised religion, ‘same goes for the media!

Let’s put the positivity back into life and enjoy it rather than fear it.

*Illuminati* - The next single from Sharron-Idol. Out soon...


Hail Horus; blazing one. King of the Earth, eye of the sun. All hail Queen Isis of the moon. Behold my Queen; accept my tune.

Thou art the soundless, boundless, bitter sea; and all things endeth in thee.

Thine is the Kingdom of Persephone’; the inner earth where lead the pathways three.

Thou art the star that riseth from the sea. In all things thou bring’st men their destiny.

The changing tides of mice and men; which ebb and flow, and ebb again.

Thine is the power of eternity: Isis, Ictii, Persephone’.


Yeah I’m Pagan; it’s not an organised religion… Apart from Wicca. – It’s a personal belief system which encompasses a lot of the good things I’ve been on about plus religiously-based personal doctrinal substance of an individual structure. I’m not saying here that you should be a Pagan; neither am I trying to “convert” anyone.

I will never say that there are no gods, despite the distinct possibility that we may have brought them into existence; but they are not responsible for YOU: That’s YOUR thing; it’s your responsibility to be responsible for yourself – and that does mean, to a certain extent, for the welfare of others too.

‘Back to the Illuminati: Whatever crap you’ve heard; forget it. No-one is going to nuke the planet because no-one wants to live in a radioactive environment for ten thousand years. No-one is going to kill people off in a mass cull; but as a species we MUST do something about out birth rate: We cannot go on expanding like we do until those in power, by whatever means, allow us to learn the secrets of proper faster-than-light space travel. – It is totally irresponsible to create so many humans by giving birth that our planet can’t feed them. Our friends from other species on other planets will help; but we as a people, as a species, aren’t ready to leave Earth yet. – And not all other species are friendly towards Humans either. Most are; but not all.

STOP HATING: Hating is old world order now. This is the New World Order; love the New World Order – because the New World Order is love, is caring, is peace, is advancement, is YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

*Illuminati* will be released 05th May 2014.

It’s not a magic pill; it’s the start of the rest of your life, your responsible life. – Let it be a marker of that start; and let’s go on as we mean to continue. – As we NEED to continue if we’re to survive as a species.


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