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* The Voice is Unfair *

Have you noticed that the deeper you get into the Blind Auditions the higher the quality of the acts that are rejected? The last act is selected by default too! Continue reading


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* Why Does My Site Design Keep Going Bad? *

You may have noticed fluctuations in the design quality of this site over time. – This will be rectified in future – and the design will be consistently good. Continue reading


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* The Three Pillars of Success *

In Part 2 I talk about the 3 main supporting pillars of an online career in music. There is even more to be said, but that’s for another episode. ‘Stay tuned… Continue reading


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* The Musician’s Website *

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series The Musician's Website

You’re a musician making money from your art, a business. You need a website. – But a website is just more noise in a cacophony – unless you make it stand out. Continue reading


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* Why Would You Want to Give Me Your Email Address? *

You visit my site and see forms asking for your email address. Why? Why do I want your email address? What’s going on with that? Continue reading


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The Voice is Unfair

I have a problem: The problem I have is with The Voice (UK) Blind Auditions: -

Rita_Ora_The_VoiceThe last round of the Blind Auditions happened this weekend. All the judges; Sir Tom Jones,, Rita Ora, and Ricky Martin, were down to their last one or two team places. Quite naturally they’re looking for an act that has that something awesome about it. Ricky is the first to fill his last place, followed by Rita. Sir Tom fills one of his last two places.

Tom_JonesNow there are still a few acts to go, so Will and Tom  are looking for something amazing. The following acts range from pretty good to really good, and both Tom and Will turn for the second-to-last act, which in my opinion; and this is only my opinion mind you, isn’t quite as good as the act before. I have a feeling Rita would have turned for that act before had she any team places left but she had a full team, hence that artist wasn’t selected. Tom was disappointed that he hadn’t turned for at least 2 acts, but had he done so he wouldn’t have got his last choice in.…Anyway that left just Will with 1 place on his team and with 1 act remaining. Before the act he was saying to Tom that he had to turn or they’d all have to come back next week. (I’m not sure how tongue-in-cheek that actually was.)

Ricky_Martin_The_VoiceThe last act was good – a Tina Turner song sung in the style of Tina Turner but with a different sound by a guy who normally does a drag-act in workers’ clubs – but it wasn’t something I feel would have turned any chairs – definitely not Will’s – had it been on earlier when everyone had places to fill.

That last act got Will’s chair turned: I can say with a large degree of confidence that he wouldn’t have turned for it except in the circumstances as above. – I’m not so sure about the others though: I have a feeling Tom might have turned but I’m more on the not side of that one.

Anyway I think I’m going to apply for The Voice UK next year and, if I pass initial auditions and get selected for the Blind Auditions (Initial auditions is where I cocked up back in 2013 at Cardiff.), I’ll try to swing it so that I go on last. I’ll deliberately do the strangest act I possibly can – knowing that someone will turn – like maybe doing a Bob Geldof and Voice2015Logoplaying the candelabra or something, or imitating Miley on a wrecking ball but falling off at or near the end… Something along those lines anyway.

The BBC are seriously going to have to do something about this before the next series; because it’s just not at all fair that acts that would have got a place on a team on the first weekend get turned away on the last weekend but the last act gets selected by default no matter what its suitability.

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