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* Being ‘Just Another Artist’ Isn’t Good Enough *

Forget producing mediocre tracks that make a few ripples on the pool that no-one notices. If anybody in this industry wants to be noticed a ‘splash’ is required Continue reading


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* Distracted By Shiny Objects *

This happens everywhere, not only in the music industry. All that glitters is not gold. In fact even shit glitters if you pour iron filings on it. Continue reading


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* Here Comes The Music *

Lyrics can make a song, but music isn’t all about lyrics. Sharron-Idol is planning to release a few previous numbers, as well as a new one, instrumentally. Continue reading


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* Does Your Disk Contain File System Errors?–How To Check *

You may be in the middle of creating something when you suspect your Windows file system may be corrupted. Here is a way to check with minimal disruption. Continue reading


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* Merry Christmas 2014 & Happy New Year 2015 *

2014: A year of awesome new sounds and great upcoming artists. – May 2015 bring us more of the same. :) Merry Christmas. Continue reading


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Being ‘Just Another Artist’ Isn’t Good Enough


Forget Mediocre; It’s Time For a ‘Splash’.

For the last week I’ve been attempting to compose something totally awesome: Unfortunately I’ve had days like Friday, when everything went totally tits-up, and even when I did eventually manage to get something done, having finally loaded a few problematic VST plugins; the Flash plugin, on which the online studio I was using at the time depended, crashed, and wiped out any significant progress that day.

Otherwise – bar ‘Plugin Friday’ – I’ve been doing rather well, and come up with a multi-multi-instrument backing rhythm that pretty much fuses reggae with electronica and funk: Bells, drums including toms, timbales, keyboards, the lot.

I realised that the basic rhythm is very much the same kind of beat as in my 2014 track in tribute to an upcoming Australian starlet, *Aria*. Although I confess to also using exactly the same instruments as in that track; I’ve tempered the beat with bells and timbales, as well as doing something new – in  my case anyway: -

If you were to take a track and add a good degree of wave-overlap and choral-resonance to it it kind of blends the notes together somewhat. Also it sacrifices a lot of the harmonic resonance in midrange by turning it to choral resonance instead; and the result is a track that sounds strangely sidechained in a manner of speaking, but as if the treble were turned down to just below middle setting and the bass control set to somewhere near minimum and bypassed by a 20 to 195Hz low-pass filter. – It’s like Pepsi without the fizz in a way.

However if you take that somewhat ruined track and synchronise it to the original, after running the original through a graphic equaliser to enhance the ‘pleasant frequencies’ but squelch out the three main ‘less-needed’ audible frequency bands to some extent, (Those who have some knowledge of sound-engineering will understand what I’m saying here.) the resultant sound can be quite awesome.

What you get is more than the original sound, without the troublesome ear-nagging midrange detritus, and without the hi-fi distortion which can make a wav file sound similar to an mp3 in some cases. What else you get is noticeable resonant harmonics hanging off clear notes. If you also correct any DC offset differences perfectly the resultant sound can be rather sensational; particularly if part of the mix is latino/reggae-based.

Silver_DreamI’m still experimenting. I love this career , and one of the reasons for that is because I can experiment with new approaches to mixing sounds. OK all sound-engineers do that to some extent. I’m thinking of Cher’s sound-engineer particularly – you know what I mean; with the auto-tune about 20 years ago. If not there’s a program which mentions it on BBC4 – I forget which one now. But there is extra advantage in my case: -

I’m the artist, AND the sound engineer, and every bloody other thing else too, right up until distribution. Yes it is extremely difficult taking on all those roles – from secretary to sound-engineer: A literally MASSIVE learning curve. I’ve learnt as much in the last 2 years as I have throughout all my life before that; and I’ve got about as much to learn again before I can call myself a totally competent and well-informed all-rounder indie artist. I’m just about coming to terms with it all and still learning. When I have more than a basic knowledge of everything involved + the necessary finances I might either start hiring out the work and/or hire myself out as a musician’s VA maybe.

I’m like that: If something needs doing I like to find out how to do it and what doing so entails before I ask anyone to do it for me. – Possibly because I’m insecure and don’t like being ripped off. Definitely because I like to be ‘in the know’. Yes knowledge is power, and also knowledge is very very useful. Having trained as an electronics technician and having a history of being in to electronics and technical stuff right back to my early childhood, sound engineering is a natural progression of an aspect of that to me, rather than yet another massive learning-curve. That’s a good thing; because the ins and outs of the music industry; particularly on the legal side – depending upon which country you’re operating from, is not only a minefield but it’s easily as complicated as particle physics in places… In a totally different way of course: I mean there’s no such thing as Schroedinger’s recording. – At least nothing that I’ve found to this day anyway.

Back to the present reality, and I’m taking a lot longer with this current project than I have done in the past with others. The reason for that is because I want it to end up a lot better than anything I’ve ever produced in the past. I’ve produced some tracks that I’m quite proud of: *Twitter*  for instance, on my 2014 EP *Divine Social*: – It’s a lovely piece of electronica that screams the name of Twitter’s social network. *At The Fair* also, from my 2013 album *On With the Show – The Album*. – The tune not only represents a fairground; you actually feel just like you’re actually at a fairground as you listen. – Those are just 2 examples. – but I haven’t yet produced anything jaw-droppingly awesome enough to make a producer or established artist turn in their chair and say “I want you”.  (Yes I’m thinking of BBC’s The Voice (UK) while I was writing that.)

Last year I said I was going to concentrate on quality not quantity. I ended up concentrating on both – with one impeding the other, and again produced a number of good tracks, and a few mediocre tracks. This year – even if it takes me all year – I want to produce a cracker. I want a Kate Bush moment. (Against all the advice of her agents and producers she wrote and sang *Wuthering Heights* as her debut song on BBC Top of the Pops back in the 1970s, and she skyrocketed to superstardom as a result.)

- So without writing a book about it; meaning I’d better end this article somewhere shortly after here, I’m still throwing tracks into the massive pool of iTunes etc, which is the music industry repository of creations. – But I’m hoping to do more than make a few ripples on the surface of this pool; which hardly get noticed: I want to make a big splash.

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