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Post #1: Idol News: July 2014 Re-issue

A re-issue of yesterday’s copy of July 2014 Idol News – with amendments. This re-issue replaces the published original issue of 11.07 2014. Continue reading


Post #2: Idol News: July 2014

What’s going on in Idolville in late Summer 2014? – Things appear a bit quiet recently. – Here is a message from Sharron-Idol herself. Continue reading


Post #3: Paying Tribute to Talented Artists

Idol seems to have an inbuilt talent-radar, and she likes to pay tribute to those that she spots in terms of assistance if possible, and music. Continue reading


Post #4: Becky Hill, My Inspiration, Is Rightfully At Number One!

Becky Hill, the artist who inspires me more than anyone else, has made it to Number 1. – Congratulations! Continue reading


Post #5: Idol’s Gone Quiet…

No, just assessing the future, sorting things out. ‘See strategy in relation to career is important: Here’s how I see it + the latest Idol news… Continue reading


Post #6: Artists: Please AVOID Using Free Websites > They Make You Look Sucky!

Are you an artist who wants to get to the top FREE? News = You can’t; but this article is for you and any other artist using a free website. Continue reading


Post #7: Site Beyond Sight. – Feel The Memes in the Theme.

Art’s a meme,a collection of ideas without substance. Expression changes art from a meme to a reality thru perception. I try to do that with my website design. Continue reading


Post #8: Sharron-Idol: Online-Marketer –?– I Thought She Was an Artist!

I sell my own music, I sell affiliate products… Doesn’t that cause a conflict of interests? – Interview me about it. – I’ll tell you all. Continue reading


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The Latest Post in More Detail: -

Idol News: July 2014 Re-issue

I originally released this issue of Idol News on Friday 11th July 2014. I’m now re-issuing it, with amendments, ass I’ve had further thoughts about what I’m doing in the future. The amendments to my previous newsletter release start at paragraph #10.

On 16th June 2014 Sharron-Idol released her album *I’m A Person, Not A Genre*, while stating that it was her last big venture into multi-genre music-creation. Since then – well not a lot. – OK she released a strangely-synced freebie, *Facebook Games* (Use the player below to play it.)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

on her Facebook fan-page, but things appear to be going rather quiet of late in the case of communications from this artist. What’s going on? What does Sharron-Idol plan to do next?

Let’s fix that: Here is a message from Sharron-Idol herself, in her own words: -

IdolAction“Hi everyone. I hope you’re all having a great Summer this year. There is no shortage of musical entertainment and that’s a fact; in fact there seems to be a pop-festival happening every weekend – in the UK anyway. As you may know, one of the Idols’ idols; namely Becky Hill, is currently on tour, having taken the UKs No1 position in cahoots with Oliver Heldens recently with their bassy number; *Gecko [Overdrive]* (Although it has now dropped to #5 at time of writing.). I’ve been saying it for years and I’m sticking to my guns on this: That girl is going places, and some yet: She has incredible talent, and (currently) under the auspices of Parlophone Records is going to end up making a huge splash on the music scene – internationally and for years to come.

- And onto me now: What am I doing this Summer. I’m not on tour, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing my thing. – ‘See while you guys have my album to listen to for now, in addition to the music of many other very talented acts, I’m working on my off-season releases. The way I see it currently is this: When the Summer season in the Northern Hemisphere dies down there will be a bit of a void. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying the music industry will temporarily go into stagnation. Indeed, talking about Becky Hill again; she’s been working a long time on her album which she’ll be releasing later this year, and I’m anticipating it’ll be a cracker. – but right at the moment, well I’m still an up-and-coming artist who is still in all honesty getting her act sorted out. It was only 16 months ago that I stuck my head up and released an official single as a way of saying “Here I am; I’ve arrived.” ‘Remember that? My 2013 catchphrase was “The Idol Arrival is Imminent…”. – I gave you a ‘Summer trilogy’ of singles: *Deejay (Remix)*, *Hometown*, and *Why Don’t You..?*. I produced my initial album *On With the Show: The Album* in September 2013. I campaigned for BBC Children in Need in November with my EP *C’est La Vin, C’est La Vie*, and I brought you Christmas cheer with my *Idol Carol*, and the compilation album of carols with a beat *Idol Carols*. – Which, I might add you can re-use this Christmas 2014, and on into infinity if you so desire. – That’s the neat thing about Christmas music; it never goes out of style as such and is re-usable every Winter. (Artists take note.)

… So. in short, I’m working on releases aimed at the end-of-season.

2013 was an introduction. What of 2014? Well it’s a massive steep continuation of my learning-curve. You have to remember that up until 2012 my main career was in sales and technology: I was building desktop computers and running a technology-blog. – On this very site; hence the reason why there are countless computer-help articles still available at this domain.

Currently I’m not signed. I’m a 100% indie artist, and I really don’t mind staying that way for the time being, although maybe I’ll be seeking a contract, and a manager, and everything else too… in due course; it’s difficult to say currently. I totally love my independence, but I can’t stay an ‘island’ forever. – Even if Island Records eventually sign me. (That was a poor attempt at a joke: I’d never make a great comedian lol.)

So back to the question: What am I doing? The answer is that I was working on 2 tribute EPs for 2 different artists. I already mentioned that I was creating a tribute to upcoming Australian artist Aria Taylor in a previous article, so no need to rattle on too much about it all again and repeat myself. I also mentioned on my personal Facebook page and in another previous article that I have been inspired to tribute Becky Hill after her UK No1 hit. – Again ‘no need to repeat myself here.

Aria-CoverArtAs I stated earlier; I was going to be releasing 2 EPs; one in tribute to either artist. To make things a little less complicated, however, I’ve decided to combine both EPs into a mini-album with 8 tracks. The tracks aren’t all tribute tracks to either or both artists – but there are 2 main tracks, one for each artist, each with a ‘subsidiary track’ to compliment them, if you like: For instance; in Aria’s case I have *Aria* as tribute track, and *Twang* as a complimentary uniquely crafted companion instrumental. In Becky’s case I have *Twenty-Teen-Queen* as tribute track, and *Gecko-Echo* as a similarly unique complimentary companion instrumental.

Other tracks include *Magic Guitar*, *Point*, *Rave-Wave 140 – for Guitar* and *Server Song*, respectively. The mini-album itself will be entitled simply *Tributes*. – So those are just some of the goodies to come from the Idol later this season. (Some of the music creation still needs work, so not all of the tracks are ready for release yet, and this bulletin may be subject to future amendment.)

So this is Sharron-Idol giving it all she’s got as usual. – Having said that, I have, in the past, tended to be in too much of a hurry to produce my work and not patient enough to take it a bit more easy and produce the perfection that I owe to both myself and to my audience to produce; possibly hence at least part of the reason that I haven’t charted yet. I realise that this just isn’t good enough. Michaelangelo didn’t do a ‘good enough for the public I suppose’-type job on the Sistine Chapel because he wanted to get his next work completed by the end of the year did he? No. (I realise he probably had extra incentive in that the Pope would have maybe excommunicated him and had him tortured or something if he’d have bodged it – but I can’t use that as an excuse for imperfection; even though I really think that the Pope has probably not yet heard of me even.)(It would be quite an achievement to become the official Vatican artist; but that’s jumping ahead of my dreams even. – ‘First objective is to gain some standing in the regular musical hierarchy as it were, and with as much talent around as there is these days that’s a tough enough job in itself believe me.)

I’m an entertainer; that’s what I’ve chosen to be. My job is to help to entertain you. Although I simply can’t provide all of your musical entertainment all year round; it simply isn’t possible for a single artist to do so, it’s quality entertainment that you want – unless you’d rather have a laugh at inadequate workmanship – or ‘workwomanship’ (– which just doesn’t sound right.) – So on that note I’m working on further creations of a high enough standard to help towards your future entertainment. I hope you enjoy them when they are finally released.

Enjoy the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and don’t worry if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere; your turn is coming around soon. Smile Peace. x


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A number of these spambots visit my blog and attempt to spam my comments sections. That's no biggie as I have software which rarely, if ever, allows any spam to be shown on the blog; but nevertheless it's inconvenient to have to monitor the spam.

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Additional Items & Announcements...

*The article or announcement below may or may not be featured elsewhere on this blog. It is a leading article, articles, and/or announcement; and therefore has been allocated to this section of the front page of the blog, for your attention.


Additional Items & Announcements: -

This is, in a way, an important article; and I want people to see it, read it, and take note – hence the reason I’m paying to promote it on Facebook; particularly via my Facebook fan page. I’ve tried not to ramble on too much, and to get to the point. If no-one reads it then it might, in a way, appear that I’m trying to disappear; which is in fact the last thing I want people to think.

I suppose I’d better start by saying that this is a difficult article to find the right kind of illustration to go with it. – So you’ll have to just read and not worry about the lack of pictures… Oh all right then, if you insist; but it has nothing to do with the subject material as such…

My photoshoot set in Idol City on Habbo Hotel... I did say it had nothing to do with the article didn't I?There was once a time, not long ago, when artists and other companies could stay in touch with their customers and fans without penalty of any kind on Facebook. Indeed Facebook became such a viable platform for doing so that it virtually killed MySpace and all the musicians and others migrated over to Facebook. As a result Facebook became huge and MySpace became, well, dead.

But Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook controllers noticed this and wondered how they could further commercialise this to their advantage. – That’s fair enough: It’s their business, and the objective of any business model is to provide product and to make money in doing so. A business either grows or it shrinks. Unless one can come up with new ideas and implement them successfully the business will die, or at least fade, as happened to MySpace. MySpace did react to their predicament, but it was all too little too late: If a ship is sinking and the passengers have evacuated into life rafts and maybe have been picked up by another ship; mending the damage on site of the near disaster and righting the vessel – even going as far as kitting it out with all the latest finery – won’t get the original passengers to return, come back on board, and finish their journey. – They will have sailed off into the sunset with whichever vessel picked them up, or drifted on the tides for ages until rescued. They won’t sit there waiting in a lifeboat a few hundred feet to the starboard of a vessel that is slowly sinking and listing to port just in case everything is put right eventually.

So Zuck and the Facebook crew came up with a way to get the new ‘passengers’ who had joined the Facebook ‘cruise’ to part with their buck and to pay their way – in the hope that they’d make Facebook richer in doing so: ‘Standard business practice. The problem is the way in which this new money-maker was implemented as well as the scheme itself: Coming up with the lame-duck excuse of

“[We’ve decided that] our users are getting bombarded with unwanted adverts; so to remedy this we’re going to charge advertisers to bombard people with unwanted adverts in order to alleviate this.”

- sounds like exactly what it is: -

  • A pointless scheme – from a customer perspective – that will do nothing but financially penalise advertisers and other users who RELY on the exposure they are currently getting from the spreading of their message.
  • A snide and badly presented scheme to part users with their buck in order to ensure that Facebook’s’ profits increase to cover the loss in company value incurred by their falling share price since flotation, one that smacks of scam and dishonesty due to the way it was presented.

And the upshot of all this is that the ‘passengers’ notice that the crew have created a weakness in the ‘hull of the Good Ship Facebook’ and consequentially they start jumping overboard and manning the life-rafts.

All this business-like-talk isn’t really getting to the point I’m trying to make here; but at least it’s set the scene: I’m sorry that I was rather long-winded in doing so.

The long and the short of it is this: Once upon a time I could advertise anything on Facebook and everyone would see it. Now I have to pay to advertise anything on Facebook, as when I just post something about 20 to 40 people actually see it. Why? Because Facebook withhold it until I pay them, and the more I pay Facebook the more  people see my post.

- Now the above is fine IF I am quite rich financially and if at least 1 in 10 people respond to my adverts by purchasing or reposting/’liking’ my post. This scenario throws up 2 problems though: -

  • I’m not “quite rich”; that was a while back and unfortunately for me it didn’t last.
  • A 1 in 10 response-rate is the very best response-rate anyone can hope for in a scenario such as this.

- So for Facebook’s new model to work fully in the customers’ favour the customer has to be both rich and lucky. – That’s me out on both counts: I DO pay a little for advertising though, and it does have some effect, although to a limited extent. As my fan-base grows I’ll have to pay more to reach all my fans, and unless every fan of mine on Facebook purchases every release I sell as a result, I’m just going to end up out of pocket; or with a large fan base and no money to live on.

So as you note I’ve seen the weakness in the hull of the Good Ship Facebook myself; but does that mean that I should start heading towards the life-rafts ready to abandon ship? No. To do so would be disadvantageous to me and disloyal to my followers. I have fans on Facebook who have indicated by becoming my fans that they want to hear from me, to listen to my releases, to read my spiel, etc.

The good thing is that there is another option: That smaller vessel which has been following us all the way from port is my blog; the very place in which you’re reading this article in full. On my blog I can post anything I want and have anyone I want read it, provided they are one of my ‘passengers’ or regulars. If the Good Ship Facebook starts sinking then there is room on my blog; The, for all my fans and more. On my blog I’m the captain and I say what goes. – In this way I have a much better chance of creating a tailor-made positive experience for my followers, and it costs me what? Financially around $250 a year I would estimate. (Many hours annually in terms of time, but we’ll leave that out of the equation as it would be the same in terms of time if I were communicating solely via Facebook.) – I can reach ALL of my audience here for less than half of what I spend on Facebook to reach half of my audience. – In other words it costs me approximately 75% less to communicate via my blog – this website – than it does to communicate via Facebook.

There is one thing missing though: A lot of my fans are hanging out on Facebook only and never even visit this website. Possibly many of them don’t even know about it this website because I haven’t paid Facebook enough for my messages to reach them.

So here is what’s going to happen in future: I’ll be posting mainly on this website from now. I’ll be notifying my Facebook fans of my posts on here by means of Facebook, but the posts of these notifications will only appear on my page and in my feed. I won’t PAY for people to see them; so my fans are going to have to LOOK at my page and my feed sometimes – which they won’t mind doing if they truly are my fans. – Either that or be a ‘passenger’ on this ship as well as the Good Ship Facebook.

My ship is a commercial ship too; but the difference is I OFFER you the chance to purchase, rather than making it almost pointless being a ‘passenger’ if you don’t.

Music Trek - The Next DimensionOf course I want your money: I’m a business and I need to make an income; but if I realise that you don’t actually NEED my website any more than you actually NEED Facebook – You could always go elsewhere, there are plenty of places… – then I’ll have more chance of keeping you on board my ship than Facebook will. Facebook is too big anyway: It’ll eventually no longer be able to support buoyancy and sink under its own weight. – I’ll still be floating: I’m a much smaller vessel. I’m also not saboutaging myself by creating weaknesses in my hull.

I look forwards to welcoming you aboard.

If you feel that there are any improvements I could make, please feel free to let me know. Thank you for reading.



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